About Us

About us
Platinum Outsourcing & Logistics (E.A) Ltd was founded and incorporated in 2010, to lead in provision of outsourcing and logistics services. We run a subsidiary company Chania Cleaners offering cleaning , Sanitation, pest control, waste management and landscaping services.

Our Mission
To strive to provide quality services consistently to be the company overview benchmark in the industry.

Our market position
This is evident in our strong presence in most of our county region namely Nairobi, Thika, Meru, Oyani, Malakisi, Molo. Our clientele indicated in this RFI is another indicator of our market position.
The company keeps its quality management systems constantly striving to improve its process and their applications throughout all sites of operation by monitoring, measuring and analyzing all its activities. All levels of management staff and employees are committed and responsible for ensuring the implementation of the actions required to achieve planned results, to comply and exceed the quality standards and to continually improve the activities in their respective areas of operation.
The company’s policy commitment is communicated to employees and other stakeholder regularly.
The management staff and employees of Platinum are commitment to improve and ensure continued leadership in the outsourcing, logistics, cleaning and sanitation services.
Our key performance indicators are:-
1.Customer Satisfaction
2. Employee Motivation
3.Environmental impact control and
4.Occupational Health and Safety concern

Our operational experience is to provide similar services to large organizations both international and locally such as B.A.T. Kenya Limited, Del Monte Kenya Limited, Crown Food Industries.
Our key strengths is having a strong management team, well trained and motivated skilled workers. Being a medium sized company, we provide our clients with quality, personalized, cost effective, efficient and reliable services.

Commercial presence